you're a business with soul who wants

to achieve your big goals & dreams

you're in the right place

you dream of

freedom, flexibility, &
financial freedom

you also hope to...

expand your reach & help more peoplemake a bigger impact in your clients' livesfree up more time for clients & passion projectshave more time for yourself or with your familymake money on autopilot

the only problem is

your email list sign-ups have stalledno one is booking your servicesyour course sales have been lackluster

your website is

leaving money on the table

And you have a gazillion other things on your plate than to stress over how to get your branding, website, and marketing to work for you.

the problem isn't you

it’s where you’re focusing your efforts

& it could be costing you — totes mcgoats

all your social media engagement is in vain if

your website isn’t converting

read: selling your services & courses

if your website isn't converting, it could be costing you

thousands of dollars
in lost revenue from missed/lost clients
in wasted efforts boosting traffic to a site that only causes confusionvaluable time spent
towards helping clients & making an impact in their liveswasted on social media engagement if your site doesn’t close the deal

you wish you could have a

website that
books & sells on auto-pilot

without wasting time or money

that's where i come in

i'm barb

i empower positive transformation

I utilize empathy, strategy, and clarity to get to the heart of your values, your business goals, & your ideal client's needs to create a professional brand and website that's unique-to-you and specific to your coaching business. My passion is tapping into my 20+ years of design and turn it into a vessel to do good and serve others.

That's why I love helping businesses with soul like you achieve your business goals with a brand, website, & online course that inspires your ideal clients to book your services and buy your courses on auto-pilot without all the tech overwhelm.

the good news is

you don't have to waste any more time or money

on a website that doesn't perform

here's how you can get started

my core values

Express  empathy

step into other people's shoes to gain understanding and perspective

my core values

be adventurous,  creative, & open-minded

take risks and be excited about what's ahead

my core values

stay  curious

never stop seeking knowledge and clarity

my core values

be silly &  laugh often

never take yourself too seriously

i create authentic & professional

brands, websites, sales pages/funnels, & courses

for businesses with soul like you

so you can focus on helping your clients live happier, healthier, & more fulfilled lives

Fortune 100 & 500 strategies

I cut my teeth learning inside strategies to grow Fortune 100 & 500 companies while applying those lessons to small businesses in my side-hustle.


focus on serving others

My own coaches made a profound difference in my life. I was inspired to empower others to positively transform the lives of others through my skills. My passion is serving spiritual businesses so that they, in turn, can help others and perpetuate a world of do-gooders doing super goodness. 🦸

the value of strategy

My award-winning brand & web designs & marketing strategies stimulated lead generation by 287% (over a year and a half!) & increased revenue for clients large & small by nearly 42%, year-over-year.

make an impact
i wanted to make an impact

but it

wasn't always this way...

my struggle to find fulfillment

In my corporate life, I was drained, depressed, & imprisoned by playing politics while never feeling fulfilled. I had horrible migraines regularly from working with micromanagers over my every move. I felt my strong work ethic being taken advantage of while my salary raises were continually denied & so very far from what I was worth. I felt like nothing more than a glorified pixel pusher who had no means to make a positive impact on the world. I just wanted to help people!

But I felt so guilty about not being happy…

Because I had a steady job using my degree. I was designing for a living and achieved my dream! I should’ve been happy, especially when so many others aren’t as fortunate.

but i just couldn't shake the feeling…

that I was meant to do something more with the design & marketing skills I’d acquired throughout my career. Then something my business coach told me finally hit home… Maybe I needed to adjust my own positioning...

i've always wanted to help others…

so they in turn could help others and perpetuate a world of do-gooders doing super goodness. 🦸️ So I turned my focus away from the corporate world to helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs achieve success & discover growth in their businesses.

My side-hustle provided the fulfillment I craved because I was able to work with clients who value my expertise and time. My spirits were lifted by helping small businesses grow through the techniques learned in the corporate world. I was making a difference

But I wanted to make a bigger impact

What if you could take what you know inside-&-out, that you really believe in & love doing, & turn it into something that really makes a difference in people's lives? And what if you could empower those people to create positive change in even more people's lives by broadening their reach?

i finally figured it out

I figured out how to take something I love doing & turn it into a vessel to do good & serve others, while empowering them to expand their reach & make a bigger impact the lives of others as well.

Through lots of soul searching, sweat, smiles, & tears, I finally hit the sweet spot. Today, I teach brand & web design strategies & build brands, websites, & courses full-time for businesses with soul like you, so that you, too, can broaden your reach & positively impact the lives of many.

that's exactly why i

work with passionate businesses with soul like you to help you

achieve those big goals
you've been dreaming of

ready for your website to turn visitors into clients?

trusted by

the following companies

I've worked with Toyota Financial Services
I've had the honor of working with Mazda Financial Services
GNC (General Nutrition Centers) trusted me to create their mobile app
I've had the honor of working with Aldi
I've worked with The Home Depot
I've had the honor of working with H-E-B, a grocery food store chain across the state of Texas
Sweet Emms logo - a life coach I've had the honor of working with
I had the pleasure of working with the compassionate team at The Cat's Meow Veterinary Hospital
are you ready to

be empowered to

increase your impact & increase your sales?

let's turn your visitors
into clients

Infuse Spirit + the abundance you manifest into your next launch

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