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hey friend! I'm Barb!

i help BUSINESSES WITH heart & SOUL like you to

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you have a message to share with the world and know your discoverability is essential to increasing your impact and income

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it's time your messaging and visuals align with and communicate your expertise and magic so you can live your purpose out loud

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so that you can attract your soul clients & make an impact doing the work you love

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to getting noticed and discoverability

how we can collaborate so you stand out & shine

co-create a strategic roadmap grounded in Spirit that aligns with your values and purposemarry Spirit with strategy + empathy for your star client to create an engaging, stellar client experience that creates superfansinfuse the abundance you manifest into a soul-aligned brand that magnetically attracts your star clientsdesign and develop a website that automates your booking process, establishes your expertise, and creates instant connection with your star clientsentice your readers and evolve your story with a book cover that pushes the boundaries of imaginationconvert visitors into buyers on your sales pages and funnels so you can move beyond working 1:1 and create passive income or group coaching programs

work with me
if you're ready to get results &

showcase the value you bring

i've got your back

I’m here to make you look like the expert you truly are

I offer a customized solution strategically aligned to your business from start to finish: strategy, content, branding, design, marketing, and training. I get to know and your business intimately — which allows me to see areas of opportunity and also create unique-to-you client interactions all along the way that makes it a no-brainer for your star clients to be magnetically drawn to you and your message.

No need to run around looking for a strategist, designer, developer, marketer, and copywriter — you get the whole enchilada with me and my 20 years of expertise.

I’m here to create simple solutions

One of my super powers is to create simple, actionable steps that turn problems into solutions & obstacles into achievements. I'm all about creating efficiency in business and am skilled at finding solutions to automate your business that help your revenue scale auto-magically!

i want to create positive transformation

I utilize empathy and intuition to get to the heart of your values, your business goals, & your star client's needs. The magic happens by merging them together to create your secret sauce that results in an engaging client experience across every touch point. We'll marry Spirit with strategy and combine that with empathy for your star client to create an engaging experience at every interaction point with your brand.

i'll be with you every step of the way

I want you to feel like you have a teammate throughout this process and beyond. The best way to achieve that is by setting up your entire client experience to be a stellar reflection of you, with every interaction your client has with you from the moment they discover you to after you've delivered your superior service.

i can help you get there

client love 💗

client transformations

& the effects you can experience too

Applying the skills gained from working directly with Fortune 100 & 500 clients, my clients have experienced transformational business growth, allowing them to scale their businesses beyond what they thought possible.

The owners and primary doctor at The Cat's Meow Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Susan Head
"Before the redesign, our website was so very slow, difficult to navigate, and not mobile-friendly. Since working with Barb, our website has become an invaluable tool for our business, creating efficiencies, and freeing up more time for us and our clients!"
Kelly McCarthy - Universal Energy Guide, one of many of Infinity Brand Design's happy sales page design clients
Kelly McCarthy
Universal Energy Guide
“I couldn't be happier with the landing page Barb created for me through merely a chat and taking a look at my website for inspiration. Her ability to weave her own magic with mine is exactly what my website needed. I'm looking forward to working with Barb again in the very near future to help me share my message to an even wider audience. Thank you Barb.”
April Goff Brown - The Sage Goddess, an Intuitive Journey Guide, one of many of Infinity Brand Design's happy brand identity and website design clients
April Goff Brown
Intuitive Journey Guide
“Barb is magical. She was able to interpret my vision and create something that will attract clients to my services. From the first concepts to the final product, I have been blown away. I have a brand that is amazing and while I know it needs to, and does, focus on the client, it truly represents the personality and uniqueness of me and what and how I do what I do.”
Paula Schorr, author of Beneath the Surface, one of many of Infinity Brand Design's happy book cover design clients
Paula Schorr
“Barb blew me away. I am so damn impressed and happy with her work. She synthesized our conversation/interview so perfectly. She interpreted me, captured me, and the book so well. It's like she convinced me to wanna read my own book. Visually, it's a winner.”

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