you manifest infinite abundance



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you manifest infinite abundance



should too

you manifest infinite abundance


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should too

you manifest infinite abundance


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should too

GNC (General Nutrition Centers) trusted me to create their mobile appI've had the honor of working with Mazda Financial ServicesI've had the honor of working with HEBI had the pleasure of working with the compassionate team at The Cat's Meow Veterinary Hospital Simply Staged Home logoJessica Medina of Jessica Medina LLC - Financial Coach

how i can help you

design your transformation


brand + website

design + tech setup

perfect for you if:

you want everything from logo to launch handled for you

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sales page/funnel

design + tech setup

perfect for you if:

you want expert strategy to align your sales page and funnels so it converts

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course creation

design + tech setup

perfect for you if:

you want to transform your course from idea into impact

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hey friend! I'm Barb!

i help coaches & soulful businesses like you

sell your courses & get booked out automatically

with your website

you're in the right place

if you're feeling...

overwhelmed by tech issuesfrustrated with the lack of email sign upsanxious because no one's booking

that's why i work with

coaches & soulful businesses

so that you can attract your dream clients & make an impact doing the work you love

Female coach viewing a website on her laptop
when it comes to your website...

are you on the struggle bus?

driving & giving tours?

you want to make money on autopilot so you can focus on clients, on creating passion projects, & have more time with familyyou’re unsure about how your website can actually help you get booked out & sell courses for youyou are frustrated by DIY efforts & just want your website to do its thang so you can focus on serving your clients & making an impactyour course launch is less than stellar & no one is buyingyou’re struggling to get clients to say yesyou’re tired of getting ghosted by clientsyou battle with imposter syndrome & don’t find fulfillment with the clients you currently attract

if you're ready to get results &

showcase the value you bring

i've got your back

I’m here to save you time and money

That’s why I offer a comprehensive website package from start to finish: strategy, content, branding, design, marketing, and training. I get to know and your business intimately — which allows me to see areas of opportunity and also create a unique-to-you brand that makes it a no-brainer for your ideal clients to say YES!

No need to run around looking for a strategist, designer, developer, marketer, and copywriter — you get the whole enchilada with me and my 20 years of expertise.

I’m here to create simple solutions

One of my super powers is to create simple, actionable steps that turn problems into solutions & obstacles into achievements. I'm all about creating efficiency in business and am skilled at finding solutions to automate your business that help your revenue scale auto-magically!

i want to create positive transformation

I utilize empathy and intuition to get to the heart of your values, your business goals, & your ideal client's needs. The magic happens by merging them together to create your secret sauce that results in an engaging client experience across every touch point.

i'll be with you every step of the way

I want you to feel like you have a teammate throughout this process and beyond. The best way to achieve that is by setting up your entire client experience to be a stellar reflection of you, with every interaction your client has with you from the moment they discover you to after you've delivered your superior service.

client love
Astria Molina - Founder

Barb is amazing and a joy to work with! I am beyond delighted with the site! Before working with Barb, I was so embarrassed for anyone to see my website - I was trying my hand at DIYing it and making updates was so frustrating!
Since working with Barb, 30-days in and I'm already seeing an increase in engagement! She's made it so easy for clients to book with me! I've already had multiple leads turn into clients and I couldn't be more pleased.

tips & tricks

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your website can & should work for you

imagine your website as

the world's best employee

available ‘round the clock, 24/7who's always willing to help potential clients & students find the info they need for youthat always looks the part, represents your business perfectly, & works as the best public relations managerwho attracts & vets your ideal clients for youthat books your clients & sells your courses for youwho makes you money on autopilot

so you can focus on

your zone of genius & passion projectsspending time with & helping your clientsgenerating new ideas on how to make more of an impact in your client's lives or have a bigger reachmore time with friends & family

i can help you get there

transform your website

into money-making magic

Is your website leaving money on the table? Attract clients on auto-pilot and transform your coaching website into money-making magic.