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your brand is more than a name, it's a legacy

empowering soulful visionaries to craft a legacy & evolve your business with aligned branding at every client interaction:

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strategy + consulting

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brand identity design

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website design

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book cover design + launch design

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sales page + funnel design

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soul clients

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you're on the cusp of business  evolution

ready to infuse your passion, purpose, and expertise into every facet of your brand.

You're not just running a business; you're nurturing a vision that demands to be seen, felt, and experienced.

You're not looking for off-the-shelf solutions

but a magical, bespoke brand journey across every client interaction.

My streamlined, intuitive process is designed to dive deep into what makes your heart sing, crafting a brand presence that's as unique as you, efficiently bringing your vision to life.

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connection call

In this 15–20 minute chat, we'll tune into each other's frequencies to see if we're aligned. Share your dreams and what you envision, and I'll open up about how my process and magic can align with your path. It's a no-strings-attached conversation, just exploring possibilities.

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Book a Brand Synergy Session

brand synergy

Our journey together kicks off with the Soulful Brand Synergy Session, a two-hour deep dive to unearth your business's heart, your mission, the unique essence that sets you apart, where you are, where you've been, and where you want to go — guiding us toward your soulful brand and soul audience.

Following our session, you'll receive a detailed roadmap, the Soulful Brand Blueprint, outlining your brand's opportunity and steps for growth — what you need to start doing and stop doing to own it. Choose to implement it yourself or you can hire us to take care of it for you —to bring your vision to life with one of our tailored packages.

This investment is applied towards any Brand Package moving forward.

time to shine

Following our Soulful Brand Synergy Session, I'll recommend the package that resonates most with where you are and where you're headed. Each offering is tailored to you—whether it's visual branding, website enchantment, sales page sorcery, or soul-stirring book cover design. We embrace a rapid, focused approach, transforming your vision into reality swiftly, so you can soar towards your dreams without delay.

Infinity Brand Design packages
Soribel Website
Book Cover Design: Pen to Profit by Dr. Tamara Mitchell-Davis
Brand Identity Design: Lightweaver Ops
Website: Dr. Wolf Coaching
Book Cover & Interior Layout Design: Multi-Million Dollar Private Practice Manual by Soribel Martinez
Sales Page Design: Spellbinding Launches Get it Done Week

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Brand Spark

fundamental elements

who it's for:

For new, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and experienced visionaries on the cusp of evolution, the Spiritual Brand Spark package offers a transformative beginning to your brand's journey. Tailored to kindle the essence of your vision and mission, this service provides a selection of fundamental elements to ignite your brand's presence and resonance.

Deliverables MAY include:

  • Font-based Logo Design
  • Brand Voice Refinement
  • Custom Book Cover Design
  • Essential Website (1-3 pages) Design & Development
  • Sales/Landing Page Design & Development
  • Consultation on Copywriting
  • Foundational Brand Materials: Essential items like business cards, a polished email signature, and social media templates
investment starts at:


*Cost of Brand Synergy is applied to this.

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Brand Sizzle

elevated presence

who it's for:

Tailored for visionary entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate their brand to new heights with larger or more complex website needs, multiple sales pages or landing pages, additional brand collateral and/or higher level strategy needs. This package delivers a comprehensive suite of services to create a cohesive, memorable brand experience.

Deliverables MAY include:

  • Full Brand Identity System
  • Higher Level Strategy
  • Larger/More Complex Website (4-7 pages) Design & Development
  • Multiple Sales Page Design & Development
  • Consultation on Copywriting
  • Upgraded Brand or Marketing Materials: Presentation deck, a captivating PDF lead magnet, or an engaging social link-in-bio page.
investment starts at:


*Cost of Brand Synergy is applied to this.

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Brand splendor

legacy building

who it's for:

Designed for visionary entrepreneurs poised for (r)evolutionary, monumental growth to build your legacy. This all-encompassing suite offers a full spectrum of services, propelling your brand into the upper echelon of influence and impact.

Deliverables MAY include:

  • Full Brand Identity System
  • High-Level Strategy
  • Complete Copywriting Services
  • Email Marketing Funnel with Lead Magnet
  • Much Larger Website Design & Development
  • Complete Sales Funnel Page Design & Development
  • Upgraded Brand or Marketing Materials: Presentation deck, a captivating PDF lead magnet, or an engaging social link-in-bio page.
investment starts at:


*Cost of Brand Synergy is applied to this.

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client love 💗

client transformations

& the effects you can experience too

Applying the skills gained from working directly with Fortune 100 & 500 clients, my clients have experienced transformational business growth, allowing them to scale their businesses beyond what they thought possible.

The owners and primary doctor at The Cat's Meow Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Susan Head
"Before the redesign, our website was so very slow, difficult to navigate, and not mobile-friendly. Since working with Barb, our website has become an invaluable tool for our business, creating efficiencies and freeing up more time for us and our clients!"
Kelly McCarthy - Universal Energy Guide, one of many of Infinity Brand Design's happy sales page design clients
Kelly McCarthy
Universal Energy Guide
“I couldn't be happier with the landing page Barb created for me through merely a chat and taking a look at my website for inspiration. Her ability to weave her own magic with mine is exactly what my website needed. I'm looking forward to working with Barb again in the very near future to help me share my message to an even wider audience. Thank you Barb.”
April Goff Brown - The Sage Goddess, an Intuitive Journey Guide, one of many of Infinity Brand Design's happy brand identity and website design clients
April Goff Brown
Intuitive Journey Guide
“Barb is magical. She was able to interpret my vision and create something that will attract clients to my services. From the first concepts to the final product, I have been blown away. I have a brand that is amazing and while I know it needs to, and does, focus on the client, it truly represents the personality and uniqueness of me and what and how I do what I do.”
Paula Schorr, author of Beneath the Surface, one of many of Infinity Brand Design's happy book cover design clients
Paula Schorr
“Barb blew me away. I am so damn impressed and happy with her work. She synthesized our conversation/interview so perfectly. She interpreted me, captured me, and the book so well. It's like she convinced me to wanna read my own book. Visually, it's a winner.”
i create a container that

allows you to dive deep within and

get to the heart of your magic

Together we’ll give her a name, understanding and familiarizing ourselves with how she shows up. Then we’ll give her a voice and visuals that align with your greatest good —your soul, Spirit, and business goals.

are you ready to

align your business to your calling?

let's co-create something amazing together

imagine the possibilities available

to you when you envision and embody

your business evolution

haven't you waited long enough to

own your magic?