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empowering spiritual entrepreneurs to own your magic and envision and embody their business evolution through soul-aligned + spirit-infused:

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strategy + consulting

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brand identity design

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website design

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book cover design + launch design

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sales page + funnel design

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Example of client strategy work completed for client with Barb of Infinity Brand Design

strategy + consulting

Every business evolution begins with a crystal clear vision and a strategic roadmap infused with Spirit to guide every step of the way. No matter the direction your transformation is headed, we'll marry Spirit with strategy and focused on your star client to ensure every client interaction is empathy-filled and soul-aligned.

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create strategic alignment with your purpose in your business evolution

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solidify your ideas so you know what steps to take that will move the needle in ways aligned to you and your goals

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come away with a customized roadmap to DIY, have your team implement, or collaborate with me and mine to execute

brand identity design
website design

Infuse the abundance you manifest into every client interaction with a magnetic presence. Whether you need just a brand identity or both a brand identity + website, your magic will stand out and shine and be irresistible... and attract your clients magnetically.

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grounded in strategy + married with Spirit, focused on your star client, soul-aligned to you and your values

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cohesive visual experience that showcases your industry expertise and purpose

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create connection with your star clients through intentional messaging

Example of brand and web design for client created by Barb of Infinity Brand Design
Example of book cover design for client created by Barb of Infinity Brand Design

book cover design
book launch

Entice new readers and evolve your story with a book cover that pushes the boundaries of imagination.

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align your story visually with the experience you'd like your readers to have as they interact with your book

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co-create a custom, Spirit-infused book brand complete with a social promo pack to celebrate and promote your book launch

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come away with exciting methods to market and monetize your new book, getting it in front of more eyes and putting more cash in your pocket

sales page design
sales funnel design

Create instant connection with your star customers through magnetic messaging and magical visuals that resonate with a sales page/funnel that's aligned to convert and transform visitors into buyers and create superfans.

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clearly convey the value of your offer and the transformation it provides

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amplify your expertise and elevate your know-like-and-trust factor

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enchant your visitors with a engaging experience that will have them reaching for their credit card ready to buy as soon as they hit the page

Example of sales page and funnel design for client created by Barb of Infinity Brand Design
client love 💗

client transformations

& the effects you can experience too

Applying the skills gained from working directly with Fortune 100 & 500 clients, my clients have experienced transformational business growth, allowing them to scale their businesses beyond what they thought possible.

The owners and primary doctor at The Cat's Meow Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Susan Head
"Before the redesign, our website was so very slow, difficult to navigate, and not mobile-friendly. Since working with Barb, our website has become an invaluable tool for our business, creating efficiencies and freeing up more time for us and our clients!"
Kelly McCarthy - Universal Energy Guide, one of many of Infinity Brand Design's happy sales page design clients
Kelly McCarthy
Universal Energy Guide
“I couldn't be happier with the landing page Barb created for me through merely a chat and taking a look at my website for inspiration. Her ability to weave her own magic with mine is exactly what my website needed. I'm looking forward to working with Barb again in the very near future to help me share my message to an even wider audience. Thank you Barb.”
April Goff Brown - The Sage Goddess, an Intuitive Journey Guide, one of many of Infinity Brand Design's happy brand identity and website design clients
April Goff Brown
Intuitive Journey Guide
“Barb is magical. She was able to interpret my vision and create something that will attract clients to my services. From the first concepts to the final product, I have been blown away. I have a brand that is amazing and while I know it needs to, and does, focus on the client, it truly represents the personality and uniqueness of me and what and how I do what I do.”
Paula Schorr, author of Beneath the Surface, one of many of Infinity Brand Design's happy book cover design clients
Paula Schorr
“Barb blew me away. I am so damn impressed and happy with her work. She synthesized our conversation/interview so perfectly. She interpreted me, captured me, and the book so well. It's like she convinced me to wanna read my own book. Visually, it's a winner.”
i create a container that

allows you to dive deep within and

get to the heart of your magic

Together we’ll give her a name, understanding and familiarizing ourselves with how she shows up. Then we’ll give her a voice and visuals that align with your greatest good —your soul, Spirit, and business goals.

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align your business to your calling?

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to you when you envision and embody

your business evolution

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