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with dr. tamara mitchell-davis

the power of visual storytelling

In this clip, Dr. Tamara Mitchell-Davis and I discuss:

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How difficult is it to pivot from a previous version of our brand to an updated, refreshed version of our brand?

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How do you handle creating a such a personal brand/book that's focused on healing and transformation?

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In what ways can authors use their personal experiences to build a stronger brand?

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Purposeful brand

Learn about a soul-aligned, intentional brand and how it impacts your business. What is a purposeful brand and how can we develop one that aligns with our purpose, vision, and mission? Discover how in Barb’s inspirational talk, How to Develop a Magnetic Purposeful Brand.

Brand Story

Learn Barb’s proven system, The 3 Steps to Surface Your Magic Story to help you stand out and shine from the sea of sameness. Find out how you can surface your magic story and share it in ways that support your vision in Barb’s powerful talk, Just Be You: Your Magic is Your Brand Differentiator.

Website & Sales Page Development

This program guides participants to craft a high-converting website & sales page no matter what field they serve. Participants will be inspired to apply the empathy-first principals Barb teaches that makes it an easy yes for them to become buyers in Barb’s motivational talk, How to Transform Your Page Visitors into Buyers with Empathy.

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published books

Barb has a featured story about her self-care journey in and how it relates to her business in Water Yourself.
Barb wrote a chapter in Ignite Your Leadership called "Rebel Yell: Embracing the Leader Within"
Barb has a chapter in the Ultimate Guide to Create Your Soul-Aligned Business Called "Own Your Magic | Become Magnetic With A Soul-Aligned Brand"
Barb has a chapter in the Answer the Call Workbook companion to Be the Beacon called "Own Your Magic: Stand Out with a Soul-Aligned Brand"
Barb has a chapter in Be the Beacon called "Go All In (Be Authentically You!)"
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"I can't wait to have Barb back! My audience LOVES her energy and what she teaches. We'll definitely be inviting her back!"
“My group of authors enjoyed Barb's talk about visual storytelling so much and her relatable style, they invited her back for a workshop themselves!”
“I’m so blessed to have had Barb speak at both my fall summit and have her back as one of six speakers for my private clients. She taught about branding and sales pages and they absolutely loved her!”
“You are such a joy to share space with and I love your perspective on building intentional brands. Your energy, Barb, is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with my audience!”
Barb Pritchard of Infinity Brand Design will help you live your purpose out loud with strategy, voice, and visuals that align to your greatest good.

Barb's speaking style✨

Barb is an authority on purposeful brands, websites and sales pages, and book cover design for spiritual entrepreneurs, but her presentations come across as inspirational and energetic instead of dry and mundane.Whether she's presenting about branding, owning your magic, or storytelling in business, Barb's unique, friendly voice and relatable perspective will leave listeners encouraged to take inspired action toward owning their magic and crafting their brand legacy.

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barb pritchard

Barb Pritchard, the creative force behind Infinity Brand Design, is a visionary brand strategist and intuitive designer with over 20 years of experience.

Specializing in an empathy-first approach, she empowers spiritual entrepreneurs and shapes transformative brands, aligning mission-focused businesses with their soul clients.

Leveraging her vast experience with Fortune 100 & 500 companies, Barb fuels growth and authenticity in impactful, heart-centered ventures.

As the driving spirit of Infinity Brand Design, Barb is also an acclaimed author, speaker, and advocate for living a purpose-filled life, finding joy in global exploration, cultural immersions, and nurturing connections.

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mini panther mom

My husband and I adopted two black cats. We adopted our first in 2015 when he showed up on my patio and claimed me as his. From then on, we've been cat people and aim to adopt black cats, since they're the ones left in shelters due to silly superstitions.


love history & to travel

I'm really quite nerdy and enjoy walking in the footsteps of history. My first European excursion was to Rome and it felt like I was home. My husband and I spent a long while in the Roman Forum people watching and it felt amazing walking in Caesar's footsteps!


My wedding was themed after Lord of the Rings (even had a Smaug cake! Yes, I know that's the Hobbit) and it got me through a really rough spot in my life. One of my favorite quotes is by Gandalf, "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." -- I even dressed up like a hobbit to see it in the theatre recently... cuz nerd. LoL

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