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Mar 29, 2022
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An Unexpected Transformation

After arriving home from Connecticut and getting settled back into the swing of things, I’m still basking in the afterglow of a truly amazing trip. I didn’t have any expectations for my first, official, business trip across the country. Not because I wasn’t looking forward to it, but because…I’ve never done this before! But I can’t help but feel somewhere along the way I crossed a line of demarcation… something in me shifted for the greater good.

Last week, I packed my bags for Hartford and set out to support my bestie, Dr. Davia Shepherd, for the Grow Smarter: Visibility Summit– Answer the Call. I was initially looking at this as I’m just here to help. I never expected to experience transformation of my own. In true Yoda fashion, transform, I did.

Up until Monday, March 21st, the only style of “speaking” I’ve achieved is behind the screen of a computer. It felt safe, easy, and almost as if there were a tid bit of anonymity. And as you can likely intuit by use of quotes, I never saw myself as a speaker. But I do now.

As the trip approached, the reality of speaking in front of a live audience, with real people in front of me began to set in. And as often as I checked in with myself, measuring my emotions about the upcoming summit, it amazed me that I didn’t feel nervous. Not one iota. Which is weird for me. I have been known to overthink things to death, especially new, seemingly scary things. Only, I wasn’t scared. I was stoked. Elated even. (It helped that my closest friends and family had my back and believed in my ability… they saw something in me that I’ve been too close to see for myself.)

Looking back, I can see the many ways that Spirit led the way for me... and showed up and showed out.

I’m grateful that my mom taught me to look at the unknown as challenges… and my mindset/spiritual coach taught me to take that to the next level and view it as opportunity. As I settle into my 4th year of Infinity Brand Design, I find there’s a world of opportunity around me to grow and expand my repertoire. New ways to share my love for design and expression.

I believe it also helps that I truly feel supported. By my amazeballs husband, my bestie, my clients and colleagues, and my family, chosen and blood. I also feel the love and support of Spirit who guides my every step through my intuition.


When it came time for me to get up “on stage” and share what I feel was nothing short of a Divine download, I suddenly felt my body thrumming with energy. I’ve never worn a mic before. I space cadetted on clipping the mic pack to my pocket. I fumbled with the workbook I was holding and dropped my phone. “Put it anywhere, Barb” is what I said as I laughed. Then the mic pack fell out of my hand and pulled me forward. It had to be comical to watch. Miraculously it didn’t phase me. I giggled and moved on. This. Was. It.

I prepped for this by creating bullet points the night before, but I knew it was in vain. I wasn’t going to use that list. This message of owning your magic and infusing it into every client interaction within your business is my passion. My calling. Instead, I flashed my big smile, my Texas charm, introduced myself, and shared my story. And I knew it like the back of my hand. “I’ve got this”, I told myself.

I watched the faces of the audience as I spoke. It was almost an out of body experience. Somebody else with a Texas-drawl that sounded identical to mine was speaking while I was observing the audience. Time slowed but not in a negative way. I was people-watching, one of my favorite things todo.

The beautiful souls in the crowd were attentive. They sat up straight, leaned forward, and took every word that hot-pink haired southerner said. They nodded. They took notes. Did they seem like they were in awe? Pffft. No way. It’s just lil ol’ me from Funky Town, Texas up here, clownin’ around. There’s no way they were eating this goodness up.

But when I was finished talking… I was approached by 6 wonderful humans. They each shared they were moved by my message and my story. They told me my method was powerful. They thanked me for sharing my story and or creating the framework for them to replicate the results for themselves in their own businesses.

I gaped like a fish and stammered out a stunned thank you.

Then it hit me. This is why I do this. Not for the attention. For the sake of and passion for helping others walk in their own magic, their authenticity, to feel comfortable being every bit of themselves and still being magnetic to their star clients. This was an adrenaline rush I want to experience again.




Too many people in this world, especially in the entrepreneurial space, feel the need to dilute themselves so they’ll be accepted. They buy into the unspoken societal rule to conform in hopes of experiencing success. It feels safe. You don’t alienate anyone. And you know what? I’m here to tell you don’t buy into that utter bullshit.

We only know how to be ourselves. Why should we be expected to be like others when being uniquely ourselves is what gets us noticed so we can stand out? The greatest part about this is your unique magic resonates with exactly the right peeps. They seek you out, every time — just like those beautiful souls did after my speaking session.



Getting back to basking in the afterglow of this amazing summit: I never anticipated experiencing transformation for myself. I hoped I’d inspire change for those who heard me. But I received an added bonus that I’m flying away with a whole new perspective and outlook for my business. I have a much clearer picture of where I’m headed and how to get there.

It's also a remarkably beautiful experience to not have stressed over the things I had zero control over — a miracle that I can only attribute to Spirit. The lack of anxiety as I reflect on this moment is glorious.

But I was also shown something equally as inspiring... I finally saw myself as a speaker, a leader. This experience only reaffirms that removing myself from the equation, taking the focus off of me, and putting the innate desire to help others first is an essential element to owning that leadership status and walking in it confidently. It's not about me at all... but the lives of others who I can help step into their own magic and own it unapologetically.

Whew! That is powerful, goosebump-inducing goodness right there, My Friend!

Things they are a-shiftin’. And I can’t wait to ride this wave of progress to see where Spirit takes me.

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Spirit has a beautiful way of continually showing up and showing out in our lives, both in business and personal. Sometimes the best ways to see it is reflecting on our adventures. Join me as I get introspective and look at the unexpected transformation I received by way of Spirit through my first business trip. What are some ways Spirit shows up and shows out in your business and life?

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