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Jul 13, 2022
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Smackity Jackity! It's a Super Full Moon!

Gotta love the releasing power of a full moon. The revelations that come with them and the epiphanies they bring. Today is no different for me. 

When I first started my journey on this woo-woo walk, I discovered the power of meditation. I was invited to meditate for 5 minutes daily. I’m not sure where I got the impression that I needed to increase that time, but I put pressure on myself to meditate at least 15 minutes a day.

Ah pressure. 

If there’s pressure involved in anything for me, eventually I just won’t do it. Such is a day in the life of a rebel, I suppose.

But I felt Spirit nudging me to meditate, but I misunderstood the message that it must be for an extended period of time. 

*thunk* “Nah girl! Just DO IT”

I have sassy spirit guides. Probably because I can be pretty spirited myself. 🤣

I eventually realized that a daily meditation can be just a few minutes… mine is roughly 6:30 and it puts me in a glorious mindset for the rest of the day. 

This leads me to this dream… this vision I’ve had for years(?) now of moving beyond just 1 on 1 work and including 1 to many so I can increase my impact. Sound familiar to you? Many coaches and service providers have a similar vision… we can only reach so many people and cloning ourselves just isn’t possible yet.

Spirit has put the vision on my heart but for a while but I had the intuitive nudge that it wasn’t quite the right time. That I would know when it was. I would try super hard to make time but it never would quite fit in. 

Then Spirit opened up a path AND put forth an amazing collaboration partner. And I felt NOW was the time. And try as I might, somehow the time still kept slipping away. 

I’m blessed with a steady stream of clients and collaboration partners that keep me active and productive. Time is a fleeting thing. I have to be very intentional and gentle with her. 

During this morning’s meditation, it hit me. 

I was graced with a glorious Divine Download, a thunk on the noggin by Spirit. Perhaps it’s obvious to most, I’ve probably read it a gazillion times somewhere but this thick skull needs to experience things on her own.

Spirit showed me my typical daily routine and reminded me that I am responsible for making the time to implement that 1 to many model in my business. And I can start with just a couple of hours a day a few days a week in the morning after my usual morning routine. Just be intentional about it.

Well smackity-jackity, Barb. 🤦‍♀️

Baby steps. But you have to take those initial steps. 

The very thing I tell my clients when they have their prep work to complete for their brand and website / business evolution.

Sometimes the teacher becomes the student, do we not?

And since tonight is the super moon of all super moons for 2022, and I’m feeling especially magical, I decided to perform a releasing ceremony. I wrote down a few things I want to release, tore them into individual pieces of paper, and placed them individually into my abalone shell bowl and lit them on fire until they became ash. 

Here’s what I have released this super moon of July 2022:

1: immobility in my body.

2: immobility and stagnancy toward making moves to accomplish those dreams I have in my business. 

3: the fears that have kept me from taking those steps forward. (I was also told not to give voice to those fears. Just to let them go.

4: being so critical of myself.

I’m curious… in what ways do you get in your own way? And what will you be releasing this full moon?

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Sometimes we can be thing that gets in our own way. Or be completely oblivious to what we need to do get out of our own way. Nothing like a Super Full Moon to release the things that block our progress so we can pave the way toward harvesting those good intentions.

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Smackity Jackity!

It's a Super Full Moon!
Sometimes we can be thing that gets in our own way. Or be completely oblivious to what we need to do get out of our own way. Nothing like a Super Full Moon to release the things that block our progress so we can pave the way toward harvesting those good intentions.
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Business Tips
Barb Pritchard

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