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Apr 18, 2022
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The Transformative Power of Sharing Your Story

You know those moments when you feel called to do something that feels divinely guided even though you may not understand what's to come of it? Maybe it happens at times when you know you have a full plate but still feel compelled to just do the thing. So you simply step out in blind faith and trust Spirit has your back.

That's me today. This morning, I woke up with purpose.

It's been a couple of days since the Pink Moon, the full moon of April 2022, and I've been charging my crystals for 2 nights. For no particular reason other than I felt called to sage my home today before donning these magical touchstones. 

So this morning, I jumped up out of bed — highly unusual for me. I had the distinct message to purify and cleanse our sanctuary, removing all negative thoughts, blocks, and energy. I grabbed my abalone shell and feather, lit my sage, and let that sagey goodness waft throughout my home, touching all the nooks and crannies. I don't always feel compelled to say anything when I sage, but this time, Spirit put a chant on my heart that I whispered as I cleansed and purified the energy in my little sanctuary. We release the things that no longer serve our greater good and we invite health, wealth, prosperity, and abundance into our lives.

From there, I grabbed my Wisdom of the Oracle deck and my pendulum and walked outside. I had the clear image in my mind to get my bare feet into the grass and pull a card. Two fell out, but only one held the right message. 

I pulled the Loyal Heart card from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Loyal Heart (#35)

The Prosperity Message resonated to my core. 

Your long-term loyalty to your goals is becoming evident in the world of conditions, where your aspirations for success assume form in reality. Success is finally taking shape. If you are loyal to your dreams, faithful to your plans while remaining flexible, and devoted to serving others, you will be shown proof of your prosperity. This is a time for a joyful celebration of Spirit, your manifesting partner. 

The last sentence came across as a clear, yet gentle directive: To call in the prosperity, celebrate Spirit. 

And that struck me. Deeply.

Spirit put it on my heart last year to share my story. It took a while to implement. It took a while for me to process what that meant. It took a while for me to feel comfortable with the call, especially since I'm a pretty private person. But as soon as I opened my heart, knowing Spirit would support me and I had nothing to fear, the initial story I was to share became clear and I knew it would resonate.

Spirit guided my fingertips as I opened up a Google Doc and let that story pour out of me. It was about my father, my decision to draw a line in the sand, and to stop conforming to his standards that didn't align with mine. It was a story of the last time I saw him.

As I wrote, I noticed the emotions that typically bubble up when I would write, talk, or even think about him were not present. Instead, the emphasis was on the healing, the lessons learned, and the growth I experienced. It felt liberating! I knew I could do this... be vulnerable and share this moment in time without turning inward and withdrawing.

I was being called to take it a step further — talk about it in front of a crowd. And I did just that at the Grow Smarter: Visibility Summit (Answer the Call) which you can read about here. I never expected that story to resonate with others in the way that it did.

But Spirit wasn't finished.

Nearly a month since I openly shared what I call my magic story — a definitive moment in time where my strength was forged in fire, I'm still experiencing transformation and healing. More memories of my father surfaced. These were typically very painful memories — the kind that I shoved into a box deep into the recesses of my mind. I didn't want to touch these because 1) there's no joy to be found there 2) I already forgave and learned what needed to be taught.

But Spirit has a way of showing us ways where growth is possible.

Spirit guided me through these moments, leading me to focus, again, not on the pain, but on the lessons and healing available. And while my eyes leaked as I embarked on this path, it didn't hurt. No bruise was pressed, no wound reopened. Instead, new lessons, new healing, new growth moved to the forefront of my mind and heart. I walked away from this with greater understanding, deeper empathy, and somehow more forgiveness for all parties involved. I didn't walk away as the victim here.

Wow. Talk about profound.

I have no idea what Spirit has in store for me as it relates to my father. But I do know that I'm here to encourage you to share your story.

Stories are sticky and make you magnetic to your star client. I promise, your audience will resonate with what you have to share.

It will certainly be a journey — one that you may understandably be reluctant to go on. I was mostly concerned with how to share in a way that doesn't throw anyone under the bus. But when you take that leap of faith, lock arms with Spirit, and let yourself be divinely guided, you won't experience the pain — only growth.

If this resonated with you and you'd like to know how to surface your magic story and infuse that magic into every client interaction in your business, I invite you to download the Own Your Magic guide below. Because stories are sticky and your magic is magnetic.

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Spirit put it on my heart last year to share my story. It took a while to implement. It took a while for me to process what that meant. It took a while for me to feel comfortable with the call, especially since I'm a pretty private person. But as soon as I opened my heart, knowing Spirit would support me and I had nothing to fear, the initial story I was to share became clear and I knew it would resonate.

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