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May 12, 2021
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Gain Clarity on Who You Serve

I see so many soulful entrepreneurs struggling to get consistent leads and make consistent income within their businesses. They've been putting themselves out there on social media, they have their brand and website that they did themselves, but it's just not consistently manifesting into clients.

9 times out of 10 there's a disconnect and it typically lies within being unclear of who exactly they serve.

Why? It can be scary to niche down because you feel like you can serve everyone. But the real truth here is that Meredith Hill put so succinctly is this...

When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.

The beautiful thing is businesses are very much like we, as humans, are: They evolve, are fluid, and decisions and directions don't have to be permanent. Businesses have the freedom and nimbleness to transform as we do.

While niching down can induce a scarcity mindset, I can assure you, uncovering who you want to serve is the ticket to the success train. Knowing who you serve makes it 1000% easier to extend empathy across every interaction clients have with your business.

What's also beautiful about this is you have the answers within you! While I firmly believe empathy is THE key to a successful business, when it comes to picking a niche, empathy needs to start with yourself. Because your niche should resonate with you, feel aligned, and joy.

Today I'm sharing tips on how to get clear on who it is you serve!

As business owners, we want to be successful. I'm sharing 3 simple tips to help you gain a bit of clarity and insight on who you can serve that lights up up and sparks that fire within. Because, let's be real, if you don't enjoy working with your clients... well what the patootey are you doing it for?

  1. Imagine the happiest moment in your business where a client was involved in some capacity. What was happening that made it an amazeballs experience? In what way was the client involved?
  2. Switch your attention and focus onto that client. What is it about that client that brought you joy in that moment? Was it certain traits in their personality? Who they serve? What they do? Their purpose. Check this against what fires YOU up... does it feel right?
  3. Go talk to them! Get to know them, create a connection.

If you need help on gaining further clarity on who you serve and how to apply empathy throughout every interaction clients have with your business, let's chat! I'd love to learn more about you! Book a Zero-Pressure Convo with me here:

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Tips to get clear on who you serve in your business that lights you up, sparks that fire within, and feels aligned with you so that waking up on Monday's is actually enjoyable.

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